Brothers & Co. Advertising Firm

Brothers & Company is a great example of a modern advertising firm that produces images for successful companies. Some of B&C’s customers are Under Armor, Remington and OERB. Not only does B&C provide advertisements to clients, but they also hold themselves to a high standard in other areas of their company. Folds of Honor is a philanthropy that B&C supports, which shows that they are not only involved in advertising. Generating this company’s image is intricate and it is apparent that its purpose is not simply creating ads.

In class two major points were that an advertisement needs to appeal to its audience and develop a core message. B&C’s usual audience consists of outdoorsy type customers such as Remington and Bushmaster, but they also reach out to other companies such as Chesapeake. As far as a core message goes, B&C states it clearly. On their website they describe the company’s “lighthouse,” which is the foundational principle of the company. This principle is stated, “Who we are requires courage. What we stand for can never falter. It is our strength. And our honor.” 

B&C sorts out the key features of their client’s image and produces an advertisement that gratifies those features. An example is the picture shown of Under Armor’s hunt/fish segment of the company. All in all an advertisement produced for a company is not just an image, but a statement made to please the company’s choice audience.


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