About me

The purpose of this blog is to explain the categories given to me in a way that encourages music based work. I will write about websites, news releases, blogs, media kits, feature stories and advertisements. Most of these categories will include a snippet of music implemented in the process. Music is important to my culture, so I wanted to give examples that portrayed its importance in my writings.

My name is Erik Richison and I hail from Tulsa, Okla. Tulsa has a well-formed music community. Growing up in Tulsa gave me good aspects to what different bands there are in the world, and also what is involved in planning there image. This is apart of why I chose to write musically about the required topics.

I hope to form a positive image on how a news release could be formed for a band, or how a lost platform like vinyl can be reinvented in a website. Music is broader than the sound of a guitar, it reaches out into communities and shapes cultures around the world.


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