NPR feat. “Gangnam Style”

A feature story is an article devoted to a person, event or major subject used to be produced for the media. As far as I can tell National Public Radio are the kings and queens of music feature stories.

NPR’s latest story, Gangnam Style: Three Reasons K-Pop is taking over the world, is a shorter feature story that gets right to the point. The story is a description of what is being produced in the South Korean music industry. South Korea’s big genre of music today is called K-pop, and the song currently taking the world by storm is called “Gangnam Style.”

Gangnam Style

Feature stories can be emotional, attention grabbing, sad and everything in between. The reason I enjoy NPR’s music section of their website is because of their features. NPR only has so much room on their site to talk about a certain song or artist, so they get straight to the meat of it.

“Gangnam Style” is a worthy feature story from NPR because of its growing international popularity, and not to mention its 447 million YouTube hits. I hope NPR continues to produce consolidated features that promote artists worthy of praise. NPR is a great example for these types of stories, and most importantly an outlet to help their audience learn some sick South Korean dance moves.


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