Drum kit does media kit

Any band can put out a press release to try to get their name into the musical world; the difference is creating a media kit to shape the band’s image and grab followers.

Ryn Gargulinski has a couple of suggestions from ehow.com. He suggests to include some of the following materials in the kit: a folder that represents your band, a bio of past gigs, business cards, a demo CD and a press release. This kit is meant to represent your band, so put in items that will best suit the image of each member and the image of the band as a whole. 

An example of a good media kit for a band is the picture on the right. It is for the band Polluted. The band included a gas mask to make a lasting impression on their audience. Polluted gave a sort of creepy vibe to their kit, which may have made a lasting impression when combined with their music. Trying unique ideas like Polluted presented may be the key to media kit success.


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