Music Press Release

A press release, something commonly known as a news release, can be devoted to music. Strategic Writing says it best in that a press release “conveys newsworthy information about your organization to the news media.” Looking at a press release from the music industries perspective, I looked to Heather McDonald in her article “Music Press Releases 101.”

Bands are exciting, therefore all the information needs to be overemphasized and ecstatic in appearance. McDonald explains the music press release in a step by step process: album press release, tour press release, band bio.

 1. New Album! – This generally looks like your average press release. Opening, paragraphs one two and three, and a closing. However, to sell a cupcake it must look pretty. The opening will be a memorable image of the band, like their album cover or praise from a critic. The middle three paragraphs should contain a good review, info on the music and reasons why the select audience should buy the album. The closing then should be your infamous, “contact us  here!” type pitch.

2. Going on Tour! – This release is identical to the album release, minus the third paragraph. The header exploits the band going on tour. Paragraphs one and two state reasons for the tour (new single, new album, etc.) and a list of the tour dates. The closing gives contact info to the zealot in charge of planning the tour.

3. Band Bio! – Extremely important step in publicizing a band is giving the media a taste of who they are on paper. The best things to do for this release is to

  • Highlight the main points of the band
  • To NOT start explaining from the band’s birth
  • And to constantly update the bio for best information

A news release is not implicitly used to promote a new building or an article to be promoted in the local newspaper. McDonald did a great job advertising this fact. Whether your band just wrote a new album, is planning on going on tour or needs to be recognized in the music community, the music press release is the way to go.


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