In an indie fog? Check this indie blog.

What is “indie” music anyway? Some describe it as light or alternative rock. Others would say it is hipster music or even music you listen to at coffee shops. My reliable source, Wikipedia, gave me a great definition. They described Indie music as, “music that is independent from major record labels.” Technically indie music is not even a genre of music, as the term is commonly used. Indie is a definition that gives meaning to bands who decide to be independent (indie) from major record labels. gives a great account of what the stereotypical Indie community looks like today. And by no means is the word stereotype used negatively here. Newdust simply gives a good representation of indie music and what viewers expect from this genre. 

The beauty of Indie music is that the majority of the genre is underground. No one knows who your band is, therefore they are awesome. That is the definition of underground. Unfortunately, it is hard to thrive as a band without proper advertisement. This is where Newdust comes in. This blog gives smaller bands a chance to be seen, and what better place than a blog specifically devoted to this type of unique genre of music? This week’s feature band is The Vliets and their song “Elephant.” I have never heard of The Vliets, therefore they are awesome.

Not only is Newdust a site to view indie music, but also a great place to view all sorts of different types of music. They describe their site as, “a music blog based in Dallas and D.C., devoted to sharing new and vintage indie, electronic and pop music through album reviews, mp3 streams and mixtapes.”

Newdust will continue to impress me with their wide variety of musical artists they showcase. When looking for variety I know I can follow Newdust’s adventurous spirit to find music to match my taste. And if they do not find music that matches my taste, at least they are being independent.


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