advocates an aged medium

Vinyl records are made for two reasons. The first reason  for vinyl is the reproduction of music, past or present. The second is for the modern pretentious vinyl snob.

All characterizations aside the common vinyl user looks to collect records to bring back the past. A majority of vinyl collectors search for records made from 1960 to 1980. For instance, according to eBay the most popular vinyl sold is the “White Album” by the Beatles. To bring back the past, vinyl consumers have used websites to feed their music obsessions. does a magnificent job at putting communal music sharing to the test. The website does this by offering a “Vinyl Specific Amazon” to its consumers. The site not only is appealing because of its focus on vinyl, but also for its consumers in their search for this specific type of technological medium.

Vinyl is not a dead medium, and thanks to records can flourish. This site is a great way to share a distinct type of music. If anything promotes unique communal sharing of music it’s Keep sharing, keep caring and don’t be a pretentious vinyl snob.


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